These unique designs allow you to incorporate a variety of balloons to appeal to your customer’s many hobbies and interests. Qualatex makes it easy to create beautifully crafted marquee deliveries with our extensive catalog of coordinating products!

Marquee deliveries are created with with a square pack column laid on its side horizontally and topped with coordinating Microfoil and Bubble balloons.

Basic Marquee How-To:

  1. Begin with four 4-balloon clusters sized to 8” and five 4-balloon clusters sized to 4”.
  2. Create a square pack column by alternating the two sizes of 4-balloon clusters. Note: Always begin and end with the smaller balloon clusters to keep the larger balloons in place.
  3. Next add sand or water weights into the bottom of the delivery. Keep in mind larger marquees will require more than 1 weight for stability.
  4. Now add the foil balloons to the top with a 260Q that has been rolled into the neck of each foil.
  5. Coordinating foils can also be added using adhesive! Be sure to clean up the neck of the small foil by taping it or rolling it with a 160Q.

Flexible Sizes

While the standard 4-balloon wide base is shown in the about instructions, you can create "mini marquees" with a 3-balloon wide base. To accommodate multiple letters or balloons, expand to a 5-balloon wide base.

Organic Base 
The standard base provides the foundation for a marquee that is easier to stand upright - and remain standing. Intertwine organic garlands or clusters of smaller latex balloons to give an organic feel to the delivery design. Add dried flowers or greenery for a little "extra."  

It's all in the Details
They won't know where to look first when you integrate air-fill microfoils and twisted latex elements for maximum delight! Learn how to make the snowflakes in this design.

Mark that Milestone!
Qualatex Microfoil Numbers  and Northstar foil numbers are perfect for celebrating the birthday person's age, or the year of a graduation or New Year celebration. Embellish with 260Q and precision bubbles wrapped around the numbers.

Make a Scene!
Tell a story with your marquee by incorporating twisted elements and air-fill microfoils that all come together in a fairytale delivery.