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Balloon Images

Balloon Images, launched in 1988, is the go-to magazine for balloon decorators and retailers. The magazine is chock-full of design inspiration, marketing materials, tutorial videos and industry updates. QBN members are privy to exclusive content within each issue. Balloon Images offers you the resources you need to grow your business!

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Balloon Magic

Since 1995, Balloon Magic has featured balloon twisting instructions and business advice from artists around the world, balloon entertainer spotlight articles, and much more! An interactive quarterly magazine, Balloon Magic has everything you need to get inspired, improve your twisting skills, and expand your repertoire!

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The Very Best™

The first of its kind, The Very Best™ is now available for download worldwide. Recapping all of the important highlights of each year, featuring industry influencers, The Very Best­™ is sure to educate, inform and remind you of all of the exciting trends and world events the balloon industry experienced throughout each year. The publication will serve as a time capsule of each year, which you can look back on in years to come. 

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