There's no doubt about it... babies provide multiple interactions with your customers! Pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, baby showers, the little one's arrival... even up to the first birthday: there's opportunity for increased sales at every step of the way! Qualatex® has the resources to help you be successful. Check out our amazing videos, articles, marketing resources and more!

Beyond Pink & Blue

There are many options when it comes to choosing a colour palette for a baby-themed event. Elegant neutrals, calming browns & blues, or a soft rainbow palette are a great place to start. Get more suggestions on how to Paint Your Party with Qualatex!


Super soft and elegant are two words to describe this lovely combo of neutrals mixed with Snowy Pine - a wonderful palette for a baby shower.

Bridal Blush

Winter Wheat

Snowy Pine


Put a modern twist on your typical rainbow hues with this soft, colourful palette. A fantastic choice for a birthday or baby shower.


Orange Chalk

Tropical Teal

Pale Blue

Spring Lilac

Teddy Bear

The calming shades of browns mixed with Eggshell and Smokey Blue create a palette as soothing as your childhood teddy bear - perfect for a baby shower.


Smoky Blue

Mocha Brown

Chocolate Brown

Sweet Baby

Subtle and soft are the words to describe this colour palette. With a monochromatic colour harmony and the addition of a neutral brown tint, this understated colour scheme fits many celebrations, including baby showers, birthday parties, and bachelorette festivities!

Peach Nectar

Winter Wheat

Soft Pink

Soft Coral

3 Ways to Use the Microfoil® Garland Balloon

The retail ready, versatile, easy-to-use, and reusable two-pack garland features a uniquely shaped design that reverses to a solid coordinating colour. Easily refillable, this garland can be used again and again to add SWAG to every party! Available in four versions, two for Baby and two for Birthday, they are easy to connect with a latex daisy to create one long swag, or try one of these options! 

#1 Base 

Make a circle from one Garland Balloon to create a base for an 18" Microfoil or 22" Bubble Balloon, and you've got a quick delivery or table decor. 

#2 Marquee Topper

Perfect to perch atop a balloon marquee! Create a baby out of the "onesie" balloon using a 5" latex face for an extra special touch.

#3 Separate Elements

Cam & Eve show you how to create individual balloons from the Garland Balloon in this Happy Hour episode. Use them to create cute candy cup toppers or add them as extra elements to any design.

Webinar: The Business of Babies

Prepare yourself for the 2022 baby boom with this class featuring adorable designs from Zahraa Jawad, CBA, from Forever Balloons Boutique in Beirut, Lebanon! With pregnancy test sales up 13%, experts are predicting that many women are expecting new bundles of joy this year after putting off having kids during the pandemic. From baby showers to gifts and deliveries, and even gender reveals, babies are big business! Join us for this class to learn how to add sweet, sellable pieces to your baby lookbook, and increase your baby business in 2022!

Air Date: June 1, 2022; 9:00 am CDT   (Available on demand after event)

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Marketing Materials

Whether it's online or in-person, Qualatex posters, lifestyle images and social media assets help you communicate with your existing and potential customers. View the special Baby Booster collection here!

Gender Reveal Inspiration

Gender Reveal parties are still going strong, so be sure to include some designs in your repertoire for this momentous occasion! While black, pink and blue are still a common colour palette, many designers are embracing the neutral trend for baby events as well.