Candy cups are a great grab-n-go gift or a memorable favor for party guests. Learn from Jackie Ochitwa, CBA, how to create these goodies that can be customized to fit any occasion.

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Jackie Ochitwa, CBA
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Airdrie, Canada

This article was originally published in Balloon Images Magazine October/November/December 2018

Why should I learn how to make balloon candy cups?

Candy cups are a great upsell for birthday parties. For example, if you have an order for a large unicorn centerpiece, mention that you can also provide balloon candy cups in the same theme. Let the client or parent know the cups can be used in lieu of “goody bags” for the kids and handed out as they leave the party. It’s fun, adorable, and the kids love it!

What are balloon candy cups?

Balloon candy cups are essentially made up of two parts — the plastic cup/lid and the balloon topper. The cup itself is typically a 12 or 16 oz cup and a domed lid with a hole in the middle. The hole is important because it plays a role in the attachment of the balloon topper. You can find the plastic cups and lids at any restaurant supply store, wholesale club, or online store. Shop around to get the best deal and then stock up.

The topper can be a twisted balloon creation or a Microfoil® balloon. Toppers can be made to match the theme of any party. They should remain on the smaller end (around 12" or less), or else the cup will get a little top-heavy and throw off the proportion of the piece.

Step-by-Step Candy Cup Instructions

1. First, attach sticker label to the side or bottom of the cup so people know where to find you. Next, bunch up a bit of tissue paper for color and so the candy doesn’t move around too much. This works best in the 16 oz cups so there is still room for candy and the round balloon.

2. Fill with candy (or skip this step if client is filling the cup).

3. Underinflate 5" round balloon into dome lid. Leave the nozzle sticking out of the hole.

4. Attach a 6 or 7 petal flower or 4-balloon cluster to the cup by pulling the nozzle of the 5" balloon tightly around the center of the flower or cluster several times.

5. The cup and base are complete and ready for an air-filled Microfoil or Air Bubble topper to finish the design.

Candy Cup Design Inspiration

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Twisted Toppers

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