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Designer Showcase

Raquel Medina

About Raquel

Balloonique Designs
Southern California, United States

Raquel began experimenting with custom colours in 2020, when she worked with an event planner who was very particular about the  balloons matching exactly to her scheme. "I would work on this for days trying to figure out what colors should go in what color," she says. "I would show her many samples until I got it right." She relied upon the colour wheel for the obvious colours, and played with her Qualatex Portfolio book to figure out more challenging colours.

The Business of Custom Colour

"When it comes to pricing your product, you must always stay confident in your pricing and speak confidently when delivering that quote," says Raquel. "Communicate with your client how much more work it is to double stuff and how you are using double the product to deliver a more luxurious design." She adds that it's important to stay firm on pricing, acknowledging that it can be a challenge when an artist is getting started in the industry.

Raquel quotes every job as if it will be a double-stuffed design because it is the kind of work that she prefers to be doing, and wants to be known for. She feels that it is less overwhelming for the client to be given fewer options. Additionally, more often than not, the inspiration photo brought by the client shows a double-stuffed design.


Not only can you achieve a unique color tone but the balloons look more high-end/luxurious, matte, and less transparent.

Raquel, on why she chooses to double-stuff her designs.

Raquel's Favorite Combos

Raquel relies heavily on muted and nude tones in her work, which often has a boho theme. Her favorites include:

  • Black inside Blush for a true nude look,
  • Mocha inside Blush for a tannish nude,
  • Sparkling Burgundy inside Mocha for a lighter matted mocha tone,
  • Black or Mocha inside Mandarin Orange for a terracotta tone,
  • and Mocha inside Coral for a dusty Coral tone.