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Designer Showcase

Fumiko Yamashita, CBA

About Fumiko

Nicofee Balloon Park Co., Ltd
Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan

Renowned for her delightful animal dolls and exquisite balloon fashions, Fumiko brings personality and spirit to all her creations, as shown in this Balloon Magic feature article.

Every Master of Colour Mixing has their process for choosing and cataloging their custom colours. Fumiko chooses the outer colour that is closest to her desired colour, then chooses three inner colours to try. She inflates all three combinations and lays them side by side. Then she chooses a different outer colour to try with the same three inner colours, inflates them, and adds them to her lineup. She then chooses the colour that most closely resembles her desired colour.

To keep track of her combinations, Fumiko has a photo album in which she places pictures that show both the balloon neck (to see the original colours) and the inflated balloon. She also uses the Paint Your Party with Qualatex resources to assist in the process. 

The Business of Custom Colour

Fumiko has focused her business on customers who appreciate quality, both in design and balloon product. Her portfolio of past work is her biggest sales tool, as well as showing them how she can tailor the balloon colours to their specifications.


The combination of Coral and Chrome Gold creates a luxurious and warm image, as well as an energetic image.

Fumiko on her favorite combination of Qualatex colours

Fumiko's Favorite Custom Colour: Peony Roses

"The combination (Spring Lilac inside Rose) has depth and the settled tone colour remind me of a hint of flowers, so I like it."

Her Most Requested Custom Colour

"Onyx Black inside Lime Green is a popular colour shade for birthday gifts and party events," says Fumiko