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Event Recap

Qualatex Balloon Arts Convention (QBAC) Event Recap

QBAC_Std_Vert_4C_Black.pngThe recently held QBAC far exceeded expectations of previous years. It was held this past February in Sunshine City, a public complex in Tokyo, Japan, that includes offices, a large shopping mall, and numerous restaurants. The Convention focus was unlike its predecessors, and was an even greater success!

The 6th QBAC focused solely on air-filled designs and sculptures; there wasn’t a helium-inflated balloon in sight. The public was delighted by air-filled decor that centered on the theme of Balloon Marché, or a market full of flowers, foods, and other treats all made from balloons! The event included a public sale, classes, fashion show, competitions, jam, and an awards ceremony.

“About 183,000 shoppers visited the venue during the two-day event,” according to Tamami Ono, the Japan Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Pioneer. “We had Balloon Marché exhibitors selling balloon art (mainly figures) to the public and we had large crowds and each artist had very good sales. It was the first time selling balloon art at QBAC instead of helium-filled balloons." And, with the heightened focus on conservation, Tamami pointed out the entire event only generated three garbage bags of degradable balloon scraps.  “I think it’s important as an industry to demonstrate that balloons do not create a lot of waste and are also organic.”

Event delegates and observers were thrilled and enchanted by the skill and imagination of those competing in the five competitions.  Winners are listed below the photo gallery.

Balloon Fashion

Joint 1st Place – Asami Takagi & Takehiro Kai
2nd Place – Shizuka Nagaoka, CBA
3rd Place – Sayaka Yoshii

Tree Sculpture

1st – Balloon Noah
2nd – Rina Kishi, CBA

Twisting Table Centerpiece

1st – Takehiro Kai & Hineriya Jackie
2nd – Junko Niiyama, CBA

Stage Performance

1st – Tokyo Tomo
2nd – Neko no Fusenya Kinoko


1st – Sosuke Horike
2nd – Yuka Yamakita, CBA