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Event Recap

FLOAT Event Recap


For the past several FLOAT conventions, there has been one mantra: “Step Up Your Game.” Steven Jones, Float Convention Producer, along with his team, certainly showed the way once more this year!

“This was without a doubt our most successful FLOAT Convention to date,” said Steven. “Never before have more delegates, countries and vendors come together under our orange roof to celebrate the glamour and culture of the professional balloon decorating industry. And special thanks to generous sponsors like Qualatex who make this all happen for us.”

Held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in late January, FLOAT boasted 440 attendees from 23 countries, 30 sponsors, and 26 instructors! Qualatex sponsored three world-renowned instructors: Chris Adamo, CBA of Balloons Online, Sydney, Australia, Dante Longhi, CBA of Dream Factory Balloons, Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA, and Stuart Davies, CBA of Beyond Balloons, Tonyrefail, UK.


The 2019 Float Convention was a great experience for me, both on the personal and professional level. I was able to learn the best techniques for my business, as well as gain knowledge with some great tips I learned from the instructors at the convention. The award I received, the ‘Friend of Float Award’ was the icing on the cake to the whole wonderful experience. It helped to commit me more to helping others in elevating themselves into the professional balloon industry.

Saskia Hurtares, CBA, Balloon Boutique USA, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA

For the designer awards gala, the Qualatex team and numerous delegate volunteers constructed the entrance decor for the night’s theme, “The Magical Garden,” a magnificent and intricate decor scene that transformed the ballroom.

Missed this year’s FLOAT? Luckily, you won’t have to wait long to join the fun. The usually biennial convention is coming back next year! Stay up to date with all things FLOAT 2020, and we’ll see you there!

Congratulations to the 2019 Float Designer of the Year, Sara Meyer of Wisconsin Balloon Decor in Lake Geneva, WI, USA. Don’t miss her Designer Showcase article in this issue! View the full list of competition winners below the event photos.

Table Centerpiece

1st Place - Lucia Sampietro, CBA
2nd Place - Sara Meyer
3rd Place - Eleonora Gori, CBA

Entrance Decor

1st Place - Sara Meyer
2nd Place - John Justice
3rd Place - Rachel Glandon, CBA
Delegates' Choice - Matt Russell, CBA

Table Centerpiece (Live)

1st Place - Matt Russell, CBA
2nd Place - Sara Meyer
3rd Place - Rachel Glandon, CBA
Delegates' Choice - Matt Russell, CBA


1st Place - Sean Rogers, CBA
2nd Place - Vicky Kimble, CBA
3rd Place - Elaine Holmes, CBA
Delegates' Choice - Sean Rogers, CBA

Foil Design

1st Place - Sara Meyer
2nd Place - Rachel Glandon, CBA
3rd Place - Steve Paynter
Delegates' Choice - Sara Meyer

Organic Decor

1st Place - Hampton Keith Bishop, CBA
2nd Place - Sara Meyer
3rd Place - Rachel Glandon, CBA
Delegates' Choice - Sara Meyer

Designer of the Year - Sara Meyer