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Instant Swag!

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The versatile, easy-to-use and reusable two pack garland features a uniquely shaped design that reverses to a solid coordinating color. It's sure to make MULTIPLE occasions more festive, especially when paired with other coordinating balloons. Easily refillable, this Garland can be used again and again to add SWAG to every party!

Simple • Whimsical • Air-filled • Garland

Simple • Whimsical • Air-filled • Garland

Simple • Whimsical • Air-filled • Garland

Simple • Whimsical • Air-filled • Garland

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Inflation Instructions

Inflate with air, tie together or leave separate, hang, and get the party started. It’s that simple to bring SWAG to any celebration!


Insert the provided inflation tube into the valve opening, and blow into it until the garland is fully inflated. The valve will self-seal once the tube has been removed.


Using the tabs on the ends of the balloon garland, connect as many garlands together as you want using your choice of adhesive (glue dots, clear packing tape, etc.)


Using the enclosed ribbon and the tabs found on the top, hang the garland up however you desire.

Get Inspired!

Be sure to use the hashtag #qualatexballoongarland when you post photos of your celebrations. Our favorites might find their way to this page or our Qualatex Instagram feed!

How to Reuse Your Microfoil Garland

Qualatex Microfoil Garland balloons have valves, which means they can be inflated over and over again, given their seals remain intact and they don’t develop any holes. Here’s how to reuse your garland:

  1. Insert the inflation tube provided with the garland into the valve opening. If you already discarded the inflation tube, you can use any small, smooth straw.
  2. Gently push the air out of the balloon through the inflation tube.
  3. When all of the air is out of the balloon, remove the inflation tube.
  4. Repeat for the second garland. Then fold the balloons and pack them away for future use.

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