QuickLink® Balloons

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Work Smarter, Not Harder!

QuickLink® Balloons are:

  • Uniform in shape regardless of which ends are tied together
  • Easy to work with and produce professional results no matter your skill level
  • Perfect for combining with existing Qualatex products
  • Available in 6” and 12” eyecatching colours and prints
  • Ideal for quick-to-create, impressive decor

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The Choice of Professionals

  • QuickLink® Balloons are great for creating various types of structures without the use of monofilament line or other framing materials.
  • Perfect for creating both air and helium designs—QuickLink Balloons can also be used with Hi-Float® to increase float time.
  • QuickLink Balloons maintain a uniform shape regardless of whether they’re tied together neck-to-neck, tip-to-tip, or neck-to-tip.

QuickLink® Balloons Templates

X-Pattern Wall

Grid Pattern Wall