The versatile QuickLink balloon is the perfect addition to your toolbox for saving time, creating uniform designs such as walls or columns, and there are even uses for entertainers! Read on for inspiration to get you started!

Garlands & Swags

For the busy decorator, the QuickLink can be a valuable time-saver! Use quick links in 6" and 12" sizes to easily create simple swags or lush, layered garlands. The possibilities are endless, so here are a few ideas to get you started!

QuickLink® Balloons make creating organic garlands a breeze. With a connection point on both ends of the balloon, it's easy to tie small clusters into a simple QuickLink garland to create a lush, organic feel.

QuickLink Sculptures

To create structures with uniformity, QuickLink Balloons are the perfect solution!

QuickLink Clouds

In this video, Chris Adamo, CBA, shares his secrets for building the spectacular cloud formations that can be built to any scale. Use a small cloud in a deliverable design like this, or go all out and create a cloud ceiling, perfect for a wedding!

QuickLink Walls & Columns

QuickLinks make it a breeze to create balloon walls and columns. Use this X-Pattern Wall Template or Grid Pattern Wall Template for inspiration. Make them as simple or as complex as you like!


QuickLink Characters

QuickLinks provide the perfect point for attaching hair to a character, or connecting a microfoil head to a latex body! Use either blush or mocha QuickLinks to create your own faces.