Have you integrated the Qualatex Clear Deco Bubble Balloon® into your design repertoire? This versatile balloon is customizable to any event you can think of! From balloon deliveries to stunning decor, the Deco Bubble is the workhorse of your balloon stock! Read on to learn everything you need to get started with this awe-inspiring product!

Proper Inflation is Key!

Learn 3 techniques for inflating and tying Deco Bubble Balloons!

Add a Little Sparkle!

Tina Giunta, CBA, shows how to add confetti to a Deco Bubble for an simple, but impactful WOW factor.

Make a Gumball Balloon!

Deco Bubble Balloons are perfect for colorful Gumball balloons. Learn how to make them in this video!


I love that I can prepare them in advance and travel the country with them!!! No problems with heat or cold like foils - definitely my favorite balloon for centerpieces.

Ruti Grodzinsky, CBA of Designed by Ruti - Balloon Decor Israel, Bat Yam, Israel

Personalize by Hand!

In the Images article 3 Ways to Personalize a Bubble Balloon® by Hand you'll learn how to trace letters on a Bubble (video shown here) as well as add faux calligraphy or calligraphy. The article includes helpful tips to get the best results from this highly profitable technique.

Personalize with Vinyl

This Q Corner Playlist demonstrates skills for all levels with the Silhouette Cameo - from basic setup (video shown here) to using the text, weld and trace tools, to layering! We simply cannot overstate how much balloon personalization can add to your profit margin!


The best product where we can add value and that our customer values. Undoubtedly, it is the best addition to our business.

Miguel Rêgo, CBA of Casa dos Balões in Portugual

Unleash Your Inner Artist

We're seeing a trend in painted Deco Bubble Balloons! These two segments from past Q Corner Conventions show two very different methods.


NOTE: These videos are in the presenters' native languages.  Go to the settings in the video and turn on Subtitles/CC. Then click on Auto-Translate to select your language. 


We do lots of customization at our shop. Definitely, the Deco Bubble is the best balloon for personalization 💯. Although Lebanon is a small country, if you’re at sea in 20 minutes you’ll be in the mountains yielding different altitudes and temperatures. Bubbles keep our reputation for offering long lasting designs and best quality.

Zahraa Jawad, CBA of Forever Balloons Boutique in Beirut, Lebanon

Perfect for Event Decor!

Deco Bubble Inspiration