This Designer Showcase highlights Luiz Carlos da Costa Silva’s varied yet committed career in balloons.

Luiz Carlos da Costa Silva has enjoyed great success throughout his 14-year balloon career. Much of this can be attributed to the two criteria he established from the beginning: making sure it was a viable business economically, and also one that brought great personal satisfaction.

Making the Transition

Before balloons came along, Luiz was already in the business of parties. He used to rent bounce houses and other supplies for children’s parties, where he gained more awareness of balloons as decorations. He decided this was something he should include to expand his business. It didn’t take long, however, for Luiz to realize balloons were his true passion.

In 2002, he attended his first basic balloon course through a local distributor. That year, Luiz started his business, Cenário Balões. He was especially drawn to the fact he could exercise his creativity and create something new every day.

“I really love building new and challenging things, and balloons allow me to do all of that,” he said. “The fact it’s a profitable and sustainable business was crucial as well.” Luiz decided to focus solely on offering balloon decoration services. His 3,200 square foot warehouse (300m2) provides ample room to prepare for and construct large decor jobs. He and his team of seven employees often decorate for high-end birthday parties for children ages 1-5, whose parents have a high purchasing power. “We have a steady demand during the whole year for children’s parties,” he said.


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