Balloon drops can take any event from boring to a blast with the pull of a string. Clients will love the uniquely magical effect a balloon drop has on their event. Having the right tools and understanding what you’re doing will ensure that your balloon drop goes smoothly and that your clients will ask you to return.

Photo courtesy of Matt Lewis, CBA. From Black Sabbath's final concert in the United Kingdom.

Four tips for better balloon drops from Matt Lewis, CBA

Proper Prior Planning

Know your venue’s ceiling height and take any limitations of working at that height into account. Make sure your net is secured to a static point and high enough to be out of reach for event guests. And above all, always have a Plan B because you never know what might have changed or what you may have overlooked. Never assume everything will go exactly as you planned it.

Bigger Is Better

The bigger the drop, the bigger the effect. The more balloons you have in your balloon drop, the more exciting the balloon drop. It is also important to remember that big balloons produce a better visual impact than small balloons.

No Second Chances

Balloon drops are a special effect so it needs to work on time, every time. You don’t get a second chance.

A Picture (or Video) Is Worth 1000 Words

Make sure to get at least one good photo or a video of your balloon drop. This allows potential customers to see the awesome impact of your balloon drop on that event and can make the difference between winning that job or losing it.


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