Have you heard? Balloon Images Magazine has gone digital! Here are some quick tips to ensure you're getting the best digital experience possible.

TIP #1

Access the magazine any time from the new Magazines tab on the navigation.

TIP #2

Visit the magazine landing page to search for specific terms or article types. 
This feature will become more and more helpful as more issues are added.

TIP #3

From any article, click the Images logo to go back to the Table of Contents.

TIP #4

Use the arrows in the lower right to scroll between articles quickly.

TIP #5

In regions where available, you can change your language in the bottom left corner.

TIP #6

QBN members receive special exclusive content.  Look for the QBN flag in the Table of Contents to find articles with QBN exclusives.

TIP #7

The digital magazine is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer.  Though the content is the same across all digital platforms, it simply displays most beautifully on a computer screen.

TIP #8

If you find something you like that you would like to share with your customers, friends or yourself to view later, each article has convenient share icons in the top right corner to quickly and easily share content on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

TIP #9

Any photography available for download in each issue was created for you to use to promote on your website or social media pages. (Examples from Issue 1: Astronaut Parties Are Out of This World and Get Carried Away with Hot Air Balloon Decor)  Download and share today!

TIP #10

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