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International balloon artist, Chris Adamo, CBA will be in be joining Qualatex Distributors Lacey's in Durban for their annual Qualatex Balloon Workshop this August!

Chris is the trendiest instructor in the balloon world and has been for the last 12 months. He has taught at some of the largest industry events like the World Balloon Convention in the US last year and a number of everyday classes for Pioneer Balloon Company globally.

This event will focus on utilising the latest colour trends and accessories to create designs that will be a hit in a variety of occasions, and also uses the latest products in a variety of innovative ways. This two-day training course embraces all aspects of the balloon business including:

  • Hottest trends in deco-twisting
  • Create stunning balloon decor

Chris will be covering these techniques:

  • Confetti and paint in deco-bubbles, larger latex balloons whilst incorporating top-selling Qualatex foil balloons.
  • Creating modern trendy organic decor, by visually looking at a room and working with the space decorators have available to create a huge impact. Learning how to create organic decor with structure, whilst incorporating different textures into the designs.
  • Exploring new techniques of making creative, modern and technical classic decor incorporating framing structures.
  • Then we end of the day with a WOW factor design of creating a balloon tunnel using a variety of Qualatex Balloons, from latex to foils to bubble balloons!

Decorators, retailers and entertainers, do not delay your registration as seats are limited for this two-day master class and you would not want to miss the opportunity to be part of this unique event!

Instructor: Chris Adamo

Participating Distributor: Lacey's Promotions Ltd

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