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How-To: Intermediate Figure

Throwback Figure: Penguin by Lily Tan

Warm hearts this winter by twisting up this playful penguin. Leave off the bow for a “boy” version.



2  Onyx Black 350Q
1  White 350Q
2  Orange 260Q
2  Red 260Q
1  Onyx Black 260Q
1  Onyx Black 160Q

The Artist

Lily Tan


Step 1

Inflate an Onyx Black 350Q leaving 4” uninflated. Inflate the White 350Q, leaving 5” uninflated. Tie together. In the Onyx Black 350Q, make two 6” bubbles and loop twist.


Step 2

In the White 350Q, make two 4½” bubbles that you fold over side-by-side and wrap into the center of the Onyx Black loop twists.


Step 3

In the White 350Q, make two 4” bubbles and wrap into the Onyx Black loop twists. Resize the remainder and bring up through the top two bubbles, then back into the loop twists, and tie.


Step 4

In the Onyx Black 350Q, make two 4” bubbles and wrap into the loop twists. Create a 2½” bubble that’s wrapped back into the loop twists. Remove the remainder.


Step 5

To make the feet, inflate an Orange 260Q leaving 5” uninflated. Make two 8” bubbles that you loop twist to form a figure-8. Make a 1” pinch twist positioned between the two loop twists, and deflate the remainder.


Step 6

Use the remainder to bring the Onyx Black bubbles and White bubbles together and attach the feet. Bend the Orange 260Q loops slightly.


Step 7

To make the beak, inflate a 4” bubble in an Orange 260Q and tie it between the Onyx Black loop twists.


Step 8

To make the eyes, inflate a 1” bubble in a 260Q Onyx Black, twist it in half, and tie the ends together.


Step 9

Use the uninflated Orange balloon from Step 7 to attach the eyes.


Step 10

Inflate an Onyx Black 350Q leaving 8” uninflated. Attach the knot into the base of the eyes between the cheeks. Bring the 350Q over the top of the White bubbles and wrap it into the base of the face.


Step 11

Inflate an Onyx Black 160Q leaving 6” uninflated. Tie the neck and the end of the bubble together. Find the middle and twist in half to create a figure-8.


Step 12

Wrap the center of the figure-8 from Step 11 under the beak and pull under the Onyx Black 350Q loop twists. Bend the tips to shape the wings.


Step 13

Inflate a Red 260Q leaving 6” uninflated. Make two 4” bubbles that you loop twist, followed by two 1” pinch twists positioned on each side.


Step 14

Squeeze the Red 260Q and wrap over the loop twist so it covers the gap. Wrap in between the pinch twists, squeeze again and wrap over the opposite loop twist and back into the center. Tie off, deflate, and keep the remainder.


Step 15

Remove the air from a Red 260Q and tie the knot. Wrap into the center of the bow and around the Onyx Black 350Q on the penguin’s head.