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Closing the Deal

Let’s face it: heading into a closing conversation with a prospect can be nerve-wracking. No matter how hard you work, sometimes you just can’t seal the deal. Luckily, the following tips can help you find ways to get past those nerves! Read on for advice from your colleagues on how to make this happen and grow your business!

Mark Byrne


I think creating a relationship is infinitely more important than just closing the deal. There are all sorts of guile to make people buy. Read any sales book. The key is not to sound like a car salesman, but someone that is helping them to have a better party. Stress your value and not so much the price. 

Here’s a great closing statement: ‘Is there anything else I can help you with? Decor, Magician, Face painting, Stilt Walkers, or Music? I know a lot of people.’

Also, write down their name as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than forgetting their name. Try to use their name as often as you can. Dale Carnegie says, ‘Nothing is sweeter than hearing your own name.’

Stephanie Gintz-Morace

Balloonatics of Baton Rouge

Like many in the balloon world, I bounce between entertainment and decor on a regular basis. Most of the time, getting a job is relatively simple. You get a call, text, or email from someone who is familiar with your work, and they ask for pricing and availability. You send your information and then they either book, or they do not. But, what can you do to turn those lost jobs into bookings? I find the best way to close a deal in our industry is the same as in any other line of business:  determine the client’s goals and how you can best help them achieve those goals.

Often the client’s needs are basic: there are children at a birthday party, and the client needs someone to keep them entertained. In this situation, your job is simple--keep the energy level up. Smile when you speak, even if it is over the phone. Mark my words; they will be able to hear the difference. The person on the other end of the conversation is looking to hire an entertaining person. So, be entertaining, but not exhausting. This is a fine line that I am sure I cross from time to time.  Once you give your prices and packages, you will get a “yes” a “no” or a dreaded, “let me talk to my husband and get back to you.” We all know this is usually a polite way to say no, but you should follow-up a day or so later just to make sure. Sometimes, there is just no room for an entertainer in the budget, which is understandable. In those instances, I invite the family to come to one of my weekly restaurants in the area so that I can make something special for the birthday child. This way, even a “no” is still a table filled at one of my Family Night restaurants. Everybody wins! 

While birthday parties are a large part of the industry, many clients use entertainment and decor to draw people to their event or business. This is when you really get to stand apart from your competition by offering something that they really want: potential customers. I find the best way to land these types of clients (i.e., restaurants, stores, fundraisers, dealerships, etc.) is by utilizing social media and developing a marketing strategy that targets the client’s key demographic. Having a booming social media presence is an invaluable asset in this type of deal. Even if you do not have a huge following, you can make sure your photos and posts are seen by the right people by utilizing very targeted paid advertisements. Sometimes, even a small five dollar advertisement will be just enough incentive to get a client off the fence. Not only will the advertisement reach potential customers, but also improve your following and add more potential clients to your page.  Remember, working for these types of clients is easiest when your interests and your strategies are aligned, forming a true symbiotic relationship. 

Michael Crayton

Magical Balloons

I use several closing strategies, but lately I have closed more deals by offering something for nothing. Here’s what I’ve been saying, ‘If you sign the contract today, I will bring an extra birthday item just for your child at no charge.’


See if one of these techniques will work for you!  Use the hashtag #BalloonMagicMagazine, and share your most successful closing strategy.