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Event Recap

Castle of Miracles

The Castle of Miracles is the most iconic venue at Give Kids the World Village. Inside you'll find a mysterious forest, a wishing well that burps and moos, Rusty the friendly guard, a magic tree that makes pillows and more. Just outside is the ever-popular, wheelchair-accessible Enchanted Carousel. 

What makes the Castle so special are the thousands of stars that fill the ceiling and adjoining Star Tower. Every wish child gets a star to personalize and is helped by Stellar the Star Fairy, who places their stars and invites them back the next day to see them shining above.

The Balloon Wonderland build paid homage to this special place with its own river of Microfoil gold stars flowing throughout the entire venue, carrying the hopes and wishes of the GKTW children, many of them personally written on by a child. You'll find the stars placed in special vignettes throughout the build. Participating balloon artists added their own wishes for the kids as well.