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Design Inspiration

You Make Me Blush

Whether it's soft pink, muted coral, or the most understated peach, create all of your favorite blush tones with Qualatex latex!

Our new "Love Rose Gold Glitter Dots" and "Rose Gold Glitter Ombre Heart" Microfoils complement this trend beautifully.

Design concept: @c.c.monroedesign; Co-Styling: @c.c.monroedesign @partyshopavenue; Balloons: @partyshopavenue; Cake: @nicolebakescakes; Candle and Bath Products: @lot_xi; Florals: @offerings.co; Cake Topper and Drink Stirrer: @creativeamme; Photographer: @kellibeephotography; Model: @deandrajalisa

Custom Neutral & Muted Colours

Layer dark neutrals inside your choice of lighter translucent balloons for that perfect shade of understated neutral. Use our double-stuffing guide to help you find the right combination!

Download it here

Go Natural!

A blush colour palette is perfect for integrating pampas grasses and dried flowers into your balloon designs. The added texture and visual interest adds to the perceived value, and the great thing about pampas grass, dried and faux flowers is that they can be used repeatedly, making it very sustainable! 

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