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Event Recap

OzJam Event Recap

What do you get by mixing Australia and balloons? Why, OzJam of course!

OzJam 2018, dubbed “The Reunion,” was a great mashup of international delegates and the return of its most popular instructors. Classes included balloon business management and development, design elements, basic and advanced event decor, as well as twisted sculptures and balloon entertainment.

This OzJam was even more special with the addition of a CBA Exam, a Qualatex goodie store, and a visit from members of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance) who talked about its worldwide effort to stop balloon releases and promote the correct disposal of balloons.

Finally, just as in the fairytale Land of Oz, many who attended OzJam walked through Australia’s own enchanted forest! No flying monkeys or wicked witches in this forest, just the magical wedding of Donna Egan, of Miss Donna Balloons, Queensland, Australia, and Jason Cochrane, of Mr. Jay Balloons, Queensland, Australia. It was the first wedding of its kind in the country and its largest balloon build ever!

Yeah, there’s no place like Oz. Be sure you’re there next time.