Each year, we seek out new ways to reduce waste and conserve energy. This year, we have digitized some of our product catalogues. Here are some tips to get the most out of our new, improved Qualatex digital catalogues!

  1. Visit the Catalogues Page in the main navigation.
  2. Select the publication you wish to view.
    • Everyday 2020 contains all basic and non-seasonal products. We will no longer offer print versions of this catalog.
    • Everyday Essentials 2020 contains only the newest designs for the new year, as well as our stock latex offerings. 
  3. You can browse the catalog from this view by using the arrows at each side of the page. If you want to use more advanced options such as text search, download, print or zoom, click on the "Open" link at the bottom of the page (once you have addressed the pop-up message.)


  1. Once open, you will see a new toolbar along the left edge of the screen. Simply hover over each icon to see what you can do!

  2. Features:
    • Embedded Links - Any time you see a URL in the text, hover over and/or click it to see where it will take you for more information on our website, instead of navigating on your own!
    • Page Links -  When you see the symbol , click to be directed to another page within the catalog that contains additional relevant content.
    • URL Links - When you see the symbol , click to be be directed to additional content on our website that may be helpful. 
    • Video Links - Click on this symbol and a pop up window will appear with relevant video content.
    • With all of the symbols above, simply hovering over them will give you a short preview of what you can expect to see if you click. (not applicable on mobile).

PRO TIP: As always, you can view all products on our website by clicking on Products in the main navigation. You can filter products in a variety of ways to help find what you're looking for, or simply put a search term in the text box and find relevant results.