Learn more about balloon artist extraordinaire Marlys Parra, CBA of Bochinglobos Arte y Decoracion, Venezuela, in this Designer Showcase.

Marlys Parra’s experience with organizing events began at the young age of 15. It was her mother who actually taught her the basics in the world of balloons. At Mary’s’ very first event as an assistant, she made a balloon Arch. Upon seeing people’s reaction to her colorful creation, she knew a future in balloons was something she had to pursue.

Establishing a New Career

After several years of working alongside her mother organizing children’s events, Marlys decided to branch out and start her own balloon business in September 2004. “Beside the fact that balloons are beautiful work full of satisfaction, I noticed it was a very lucrative business,” she said.

Taking advantage of every class and convention she could, Marlys was dedicated to growing and developing her craft. She became a Qualatex Balloon Network® member in 2001 and a Certified Balloon Artist™ in 2012.

Today, she assists her customers from a small home office. A separate workspace is dedicated to building balloon designs. Three additional people work for Marlys in a freelance capacity. Along with offering balloon deliveries, Bochinglobos specializes in decor for corporate events and private parties.

“As a result of our speciality, themed scenarios for children’s events are often requested,” she said. Popular themes include sea world, gardens, and princess – all of which result in very colorful decor. According to Marlys, the most important holidays for balloon decor in Venezuela are Christmas and Children’s Day.

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