Qualatex has many spooky and fun Halloween balloons a brewin’ this season. From the clickety-clack of skeleton bones to witches whirling through the air on broomsticks, these new products are guaranteed to reap repeat business.

First on our list of fun Halloween products is the “Fun Halloween Skeletons” with white ink on Lime Green, Onyx Black, and Orange printed latex balloons. This spirited print is anything but bone dry and the colours perfectly complement the “Halloween Skeleton Mirror” Microfoil. Pair these two balloons together to create a Halloween bouquet to rattle the bones of any partygoer. The “Halloween Skeleton Mirror” Microfoil also has a reflective surface to make any event extra spooky.

In addition to skeletons, you can also whip up Halloween sales with a couple of witch-themed balloons this season. The “Oopsie Witch’s Brew!” is an interesting combination of scary and silly and would also pair nicely with the “Fun Halloween Skeletons.” Or, if your customers are looking for something witch-themed that’s not as cheeky, there’s also the “Halloween Witch Haunting” Bubble wishing “Happy Halloween!” to everyone.

And if your business is looking to offer more monster fun, there’s the “Halloween Line-up” Microfoil featuring classic Halloween icons such as a pumpkin, a mummy, a ghost, and Frankenstein’s monster. Add value to your bottom line by pairing this balloon with the “Halloween Fun!” printed with black in on Lime Green and Orange latex.  

For those who are looking for something not spooky but sweet, the “Trick or Treat Dots” should do the trick.

Finally, there are two perfect balloons for customers who are looking for festive fall balloons to celebrate the season. The first is the “Give Thanks Acorns & Leaves” Bubble with stylized acorns and foliage in gorgeous Autumnal colors. Pair this balloons with the “Acorns & Leaves” printed balloons in brown ink on Goldenrod, Mocha Brown, and Red latex for a beautiful seasonal bouquet.

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