If you're looking for air-filled inspiration, you're in the right place! Whether you're confused about which air inflator is best for you or you need sellable design ideas, we've got you covered!

Air-fill Solutions for Retail

From the classic mini, balloon buddy and QuickLink column to some of the new cash & carry trends - this page offers quick and easy ideas to personalize and call your own!
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Air-fill Decor Solutions

Spectacular balloon decor by nature is not dependent upon helium for "wow" factor. Grand columns, arches, swags, centerpieces, and much more are all achievable with air... and the right equipment!
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Air Inflators

There are many inflator options available, but how do you decide which is best for you? This article explains the benefits and details of professional air inflators on the market today.
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4 Ways to Use Microfoil® Mini Shapes

They're adorable... they're air-filled... and they are perfect for so many projects! These small Microfoil balloons aren't just for sticking in a grab & go display anymore. Read on for ideas that you can start selling immediately!