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Spectacular balloon decor by nature is not dependent upon helium for "wow" factor. Grand columns, arches, swags, centerpieces, and much more are all achievable with air... and the right equipment!

Air Inflators

There are many inflator options available, but how do you decide which is best for you? This article explains the benefits and details of professional air inflators on the market today.

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A balloon sizer is your best friend when looking for uniform sizing throughout your design! 

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For an air-filled design that allows guests to interact without visual interruption, you can keep it low or give it height with a few tools. Build a pedestal structure like the one used in the New Year design, or purchase basic acrylic centerpiece accessories, both of which will create the height needed to avoid interrupting guests' line of sight. 

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Whether you like them organic or perfectly structured, a full rainbow or a demi-arch, the balloon arch is the perfect way to frame your event entrance, stage, or other focal point. The Aeropole has revolutionized the balloon arch, making it easier than ever to create this balloon decor staple - even in outdoor conditions!

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Ceiling Decor

You don't need helium to have your balloon decor soaring to great heights! Create balloon chandeliers, swags, wreaths and handing pendants to get your guests staring at the celing in awe!


Balloon Walls

When you need to create a photo zone, provide a backdrop for a cake table, or decorate a stage, a balloon wall is great air-filled option! Go the traditional route with rows of columns attached together, infuse glamour with Microfoil Starpoints and Tapers, or create an organic structure with lots of texture and variety.  Qualatex Quick Link® Balloons make it easy to build a wall structure, and GRIDZ allow you to create an image or grid-based design. 


Colorful garland is a versatile option to frame a variety of spaces, both inside and outside. Attach garlands to a pole and base structure or rig them to the wall or ceiling. Whether the balloons are sized uniformly like Classic Balloon Decor, or inflated to a variety of sizes as in Organic Balloon Decor, garlands are the professional balloon artist's decor staple.