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How-To: Basic Wearable

Throwback Figure: Witch Hat Hairband by Dave Brenn

Inspired by the Hairband concept by Alberto Nava of Italy, this quick-and-easy Hat can be paired with a simple broom for a bewitching balloon costume.


1 Onyx Black 350Q
1 Spring Lilac 350Q
1 Onyx Black 321Q
1 Orange 160Q
1 Plastic Hairband, 14mm     

The Artist

Dave Brenn
Dave Brenn Balloons
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Step 1

Feed a plastic hairband into a Spring Lilac 350Q, and tie. Discard any remaining balloon.


Step 2

Inflate an Onyx Black 321Q to about 10” and tie it directly to the hairband, slightly off center. Trim off the excess nozzle.


Step 3

Inflate an Onyx Black 350Q about halfway, and tie. Wrap the 350Q snugly around the base of the 321Q, tie the ends together, and discard the remainder. Trim off the excess nozzle.


Step 4

Inflate an Orange 160Q to 8”, and tie. Wrap the 160Q snugly around the 321Q above the 350Q, tie the ends together, and discard the remainder. Shape the point of the Hat.