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How-To Video

Tropical Arch by Federico Onida, CBA

QuickLink balloons are the secret to creating this stunning flat arch perfect for any occasion! Follow along with Federico to learn the technique to apply to your next arch design.

Arch Product List

11” Green
11” Lime Green
11” Spring Green
11” Lime Green Prickly Heart Seeds
11” Red Prickly Heart Seeds
11” Green Rainbow SuperAgate
12” QuickLink Green
12” QuickLink Lime Green
12” QuickLink Spring Green
5” Green
5” Lime Green
5” Spring Green
Quantities will vary based on arch size

Video Tutorial: Tropical Arch by Federico Onida, CBA

Tropical Add-ons

These colorful additions complete the look and add value to increase the selling price.

Customize with Patterns!

This same arch technique can be used to create incredible themed arches using different patterns and add-ons. A great example is this colorful arch Federico designed for an expo booth in South Africa.

Complete the look with Federico’s Cocktail Glass!