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12 Ways to Get the Most out of Qualatex Resources

Since launching the new Qualatex website in 2017, the marketing team at Pioneer Balloon Company has worked tirelessly to provide useful, educational and exceptionally beautiful content to help you promote your business. With so much available to you, it’s easy to overlook something that might transform your marketing efforts or simply make your life easier. Therefore, we’ve gathered some of the top ways to make the most out of the Qualatex resources available to you!

1. Download Product Images

All product images are available to you to download for free to use on your website or social media channels! Simply click the download icon Images_2019_2_Qualatex-Resources_download.png and start sharing!

2. Download Balloon Bouquets

The Balloon Bouquets page under Inspiration has a plethora of ready-made bouquet ideas using coordinating Qualatex products. These designs are all available to download to use on your website or social media accounts. They even have been given names and descriptions by Qualatex wordsmiths to take the guesswork out of marketing each bouquet!

3. Attend Qualatex Classes & Events

Maybe you’ve been attending classes for years, but did you know that Qualatex has a global event calendar with listings for every region in the world?

4. Update Your Facebook Page With Professionally Designed Cover Photos

Visit the Qualatex Facebook Cover Photo Collection and download a beautifully crafted cover photo, created by a professional graphic designer at Pioneer, and upload it to your Facebook page.

Tip: bookmark the link and keep coming back for new cover photos featuring the newest Qualatex products!


5. Share Ready-Made Social Media Posts

At your request, Qualatex has begun creating simple social media posts using the latest Qualatex bouquets with fun headlines within the graphic. These designs make it simple to promote products with minimal effort on your part. Bookmark the Qualatex Social Media Posts Collection to refer back to each time new products are released.

6. Share Qualatex Lifestyle Images

Did you know that many Qualatex products were photographed by a professional photographer to promote their release on social media? Many of those photos, photographed in a fun, lifestyle setting, are available to you to download and share on your social media account! Where available, the photos are displayed as additional images on product pages, as in the example of the 18" Rose Gold Heart  shown below. Or you can simply bookmark our Qualatex Lifestyle Images Collection to browse all of the available images and download directly.


7. Sign Up for Weekly Email Updates

Each week, email subscribers get a "happy gram" straight to their inboxes directly from Qualatex. Sign up and be the first to know about new product releases, how-to videos, and marketing materials.

8. Subscribe to Q Corner

If you haven’t watched an episode of Q Corner yet, what are you waiting for? The channel is full of amusing yet informative videos, created for YOU by the always entertaining Dominic Cassidy, CBA, and Keith Stirman, CBA! Interact with live videos in real time or tune in after the episode has aired to catch up on the latest industry information.

9. Subscribe to the Qualatex YouTube Channel

While we’re on the topic of YouTube, don’t miss the Qualatex channel! From twisted basics to interviews with your favorite balloon professionals, QualatexBalloons has it all!

10. Bookmark The Very Best Balloon Blog

Sue Bowler, CBA, works diligently to provide valuable insight into the balloon industry via her world-renowned digital commentary on the The Very Best Balloon Blog. Article topics range from the latest trends to design ideas, up-and-coming balloon artists from around the world, and knowledgeable tips to improve your business and increase revenue.

QBN Exclusive Qualatex Resources

The following resources are available to you exclusively as a QBN member!

11. Download Inspiration Images

The Balloon Decor Inspiration Page has hundreds of ideas available to you to download as a QBN member. From marketing materials to client meetings, these assets were made to help you grow your business. If you missed it, watch the video Jaz Trading created to help you maximize the use of Qualatex inspiration images.

12. Visit the QBN Portal

When logged in to the Qualatex website as a QBN member, the blue Dashboard button in the top right corner of the site takes you to the QBN portal, which has loads of exclusive content for QBN members. From marketing materials, to exclusive articles, and even past issues of Balloon Images Magazine, there is something for every need you may have!